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    Maybe “product design” so it doesn’t get confused with pure UX.

    EDIT: Then again there’s already a “product” tag 🤔

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      Note, I proposed it because we have tags for all another sub-phases, like “programming” (engineering), “management”, “marketing”, “sales” and the description of “product” tag is “Products”… My suggestion is for generalist “design” tag, for all related design processes of product development process (ux design or product design included). In other hand “product” tag seems a better fit for links/discuss about product characteristics (“meta”) or specific product like: https://stackingthebricks.com/8-perfect-products-for-designers/ or https://barnacl.es/s/qxrlem/baremetrics_adds_support_for_braintree .

      more examples:

      https://barnacl.es/s/bqxwke/ux_teardown_what_we_learned_by_auditing https://barnacl.es/s/wdkd8l/ux_design_hacks_increase_user_activation https://barnacl.es/s/c5m15i/product_tours_when_use_which_ui_pattern

      description example:

      “design”: “Design (product, ux)”


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        This tag applies to probably everything about planning a business, and right now traffic is low enough I don’t see a lot of potential for any tag changes to be very useful.

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          Ok, thanks for the feedback.

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      Nice! Please, @dgvargas. Thank you!

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