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    Hi apy!

    I market to overseas clients and 90% of them are outside my country. I’m in Asia and most clients are in the US and UK.

    The key thing I’d look at here is marketing… rather than legal issues.

    When we have client prospects, it’s very easy to figure out the paperwork… Sure, it might be outside our comfort zone, but we’ll be in the position to figure things out when there’s an actual opportunity waiting.

    It’s easy to hire a lawyer, setup a Stripe Atlas company (what I did), hire an accountant, etc… when there are actual clients waiting for our service.

    Before anything else, I invite you to focus on generating leads.

    I would not let the housekeeping get in the way of finding customers and providing value.

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      Thanks for the response. In this case I already have the leads, I’m more concerned with the best way to get their money into my pocket :)