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I’m the author of this post. I did NOT make $100k in product sales last year. I did however manage to scrape together somewhere north of $150k with about $30k in product sales. AMA about my total failure. :-)


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    What kept the product from being a success? Was it something intrinsic to the product itself, or did you get pulled in different directions by other revenue generating activities (since — obviously there were some other revenue generating activities. Congrats on that!)

    Did you set any similarly audacious goals for 2016?

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      I wasn’t quite making enough to pay the bills. Credit card debt was piling up. My anxiety crept up and took control, so I started seeking consulting gigs to get the cash flowing again. I’ve been heads down killing off debt and saving up again for 6 months. Finally back on track with that, and now transitioning to products again. I don’t really know if I could have hit my goal or not.

      2016, my goal is to back off consulting to 3 days/week. I’m doing that by launching a javascript workshop. It will be a standalone product, but I’m also going to offer live workshops, which make more money, and should therefore free up more time. I probably should have done things like this to begin with, it should be a lot less stressful. :-)

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      Why do you think you failed @smrf? I’d be interested in a postmortem. I admire your chutzpah, by the way :)