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I’ve noticed that every time Snapchat makes the news it does not appear on HN.

Stories about SC get submitted but somehow don’t get enough votes to get featured. This is also a pattern that I’ve come to find on reddit (which, btw, is managed behind scenes the by the same mafia).

Along time I’ve come to the conclusion that those sites are just tools to manipulate people into believing that “a lot of other people think this is good, so it must be good” and to coerce them into a particular mindset that’s convenient for the group that is behind those sites.

I’m not a shill for SC, it’s just that I think that if any of the startups handled by YC had 1/100 the success of SC it would appear on their front page everyday. I looked up who is funding SC and it is clear that they’re part of a different group than HN/YC, so I don’t think it’s a coincidence they’re getting that treatment over there.

Anyway, I like it in here because, even though the number of posts is lower, every time I check it out I take out 3-4 really interesting articles that I wouldn’t find anywhere else. I really hope this community takes off and continues to be an impartial source on advice for true entrepeneurs, with no VC’s pulling the strings behind. If there’s something I could do to make this better, please let me know, I’d be glad to do it!


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    The people who use Snapchat and the people who use HN don’t really overlap in terms of interests. I know almost zero developers, sysadmins, or other IT focused individuals that use it so I’m not surprised it doesn’t get voted up.

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      I don’t know that HN is manipulated, but it isn’t enjoyable for me any more. I used to love reading the comments there, now I find myself visiting less and skipping the comment section altogether. There’s so much negativity, nitpicking, and politicking. (If I posted this comment over there I’d be torn apart and asked to prove it with veritable data, and a dozen people would remind everyone else that this is just one person’s anecdote.)

      It’s still somewhat useful for finding tech news and articles, but you have to sift through so much mainstream news that gets posted there under the guise of “being interesting to hackers.” Whether it’s changed or I’ve changed, I couldn’t say, but I’m happy alternatives are popping up.

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        Definitely noticed a significant decline in the last year or so. Lots of new blood with no respect for the old ways. Same stuff gets posted and reposted. It appears that eternal September has come to HN (some would argue it happened long ago). Such is the way of the world.

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        I don’t know that I care that Snapchat stories never make the news on HN..

        But, I can agree with you that I really like this website and am happy to also contribute in any way I can, would love to see more links on the site, curious where some of you guys find the articles that you’re sharing

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          I’m going to semi-counter this as it shows up on occasion and is contradicted by existence of my profile & karma there (nickpsecurity on HN). I noticed a combination of thoughtful discussions, topic bias, attacks over barely-relevant stuff (esp page design/titles), and fad behavior (esp around popular people/topics). I came in aiming at BS of what turned out top-rated commenter, countering any myths promoted by fanboys of popular topics w/ references backing claims, promoting/introducing info (incl obscure or unpopular) that could benefit people, and occasionally agreeing with crowds on something. My account and threads I pushed should’ve been downvoted into non-existence per anti-HN claims I sometimes see. Instead, a regular pattern happened on controversial claims where I’d get instant downvotes (usually not greyed-out) followed by double the upvotes later on in the day. Moderator & others said this is a common pattern where more negative or immature people attack immediately with more thoughtful people coming in at lunch or after work later. Underdog role means I don’t get many votes but minor comments get 2-6 and usually 10+ on longer ones.

          Far as topics, there are people that consistently upload obscure, non-fad material to the site that makes the front page. Others make 2nd or at least “New” page, which I recommend checking instead just front. I mean, only checking front page guarantees one see result of popularity contest on any site. So, I go 1-3 then new/recent on all these sites with a quick glance taking 30s-1m. Unpopular topics on HN didn’t last long or get many votes but had good comments sometimes. I agree with gravyboat that SC is probably not popular among almost any of their demographic. I also found in popular ones that counterpoints sometimes had good info for me. Recent example being John Nagle (Animats) recommending decision tables for smart contracts instead of interpreters. Totally forgot about that technique & how easy lay people understand/verify those. Other times people who read, but don’t comment, will email me to follow up about a counterpoint or offer valuable insights from their own experience.

          So, that’s been my experience on Hacker News for past year or so doing while presenting topics or comments that could unleash the mobs on me. But rarely does. Lobsters was interesting alternative in policy & implementation, mostly seemed to repeat HN threads, and had good comments not on HN. So, I joined them to try their model & community. Discovered this site through it. I agree with you the articles here appear unique and refreshing with some good comments so far. So, now I’m here too. I find I continued to learn from HN comments while on Lobsters and will probably learn from all three as I continue to use this site.

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            I wasn’t making a point about SC specifically, I just used it as a very clear example of how manipulated the “news” in that site are. Check out how they treat Tesla (this one’s a friend of them) and you’ll see the opposite pattern. Every time Tesla launches a car it’s on the front page for days, their news start appearing even with 10 or so upvotes. Recently a Tesla car killed its driver because its technology is a joke (compared to what a full autonomous vehicle should do) and the news quickly got on the front page because a lot of people where voting and commenting on it. That post didn’t last more than a couple hours there after being relegated to page FIVE. It was funny seeing news from 3-4 days before with 1/10 the upvotes appearing 2 or 3 pages before the Tesla post, which was not even a day fresh.

            Anyway, Barnacl.es is obviously better than that because, almost by definition, is not just a PR channel for some power group.

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              I mostly agree with this post, though I think this should be the last thread about HN and the things it does wrong. Let’s go define, execute, and succeed at our own self-funded business rather than sink time into castigating the culture and practices of another community.