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Last one: https://barnacl.es/s/wtxdmm/ask_what_did_you_achieve_april_since_last

So another month has flown by without me getting as far as I’d like… although looking back at that thread I did actually meet my goal, which was make NicheTester (sort-of) self-hosting. Now rather than being a completely static site it’s driven by data coming out of a JSON file, yay. Possibly over-engineered it a bit in the pursuit of making it load super-fast, seeing how I figure that’s critical for a landing page.

Now all I need to do is build an interface to edit that JSON and I’ve got a SaaS app! By the end of June I want to have a basic MVP together to allow people to create their own sites - one theme, no payments, one template, nothing complicated, just enough to start people using it and getting feedback.

How about you all?


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    Onboarded a client while properly taking notes along the way, which means a lot of internal process improvements that’ll improve future engagements. I have an ever-expanding textfile named playbook.md in which I take notes on each step of the process (qualifying, pitching, closing, onboarding, delivery, offboarding). I track both what I need to do (don’t forget to ask for edit access to Google Analytics because it saves so much tedious back-and-forth), how to do it (pasted in the email for it, and for explaining all the setup if they’re too paranoid to grant it), my next steps, etc. Not only does it make my work easier but it opens the door for me to write up a book/course on my methods or contract out parts of the work.

    (Also, Alex, in the future please put your update in a comment so we can reply to it clearly.)

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      Alex, in the future please put your update in a comment so we can reply to it clearly

      😬 Good point, will do.

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        You’re probably already aware of this, but on the slim chance you aren’t: org-mode is awesome for the task your playbook.md has. I use it nearly religiously.

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          I’m aware of it, but I chose vim over emacs 20 years ago and haven’t gotten around to checking it out. I might play with spacemacs sometime, though.

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            Ha, a common problem. I try to sell it as “It’s not emacs, org-mode is its own program that happens to have emacs keybindings” :)

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        We launched a barebones website (https://www.nullhardware.com), started reaching out to our target demographic, and are in negotiations to provide technical assistance to a local student makerspace. This month I’m focused on more outreach - I want to really nail down what problems people getting started with electronics have, so that we can put together some of the best resources possible to help them.

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          Awesome stuff! We’re shipping a self-build ATTiny85 dev board[1] this month with a bunch of starter tutorials, if you’re interested in seeing if we can do anything together, my email address is in my profile.

          [1] - https://hidiot.com/

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            Congrats on shipping! :D

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            Ha, good to see progress from others!

            May was quite good. We spent about 1 month hands in the code, to make the v2 of CashNotify, with support for multiple stripe accounts. We launched it last week of May, and we posted it on PH on the 31st.

            We felt we were not ready yet (there’s so much new features we want to add), but didn’t want to wait too much. Turns out we’ve been #1 most of the day (before new Skype was posted ;) ), got lovely comments (https://www.producthunt.com/posts/cashnotify-for-stripe), and more importantly, about 100 trial downloads, with about 35% converting to a paid license.

            Following this, and apart some small bugs we’ve been told of, we mostly stopped coding, and spent our days on:

            • individually contacting everyone, to get their feedbacks. What do they like, not like, why?
            • exploring ways to get more visibility: a bit of social media, testing an affiliate program, and next we’ll do some SEO/blogging.

            We’ve reached a point where there are a lot of available options, and we have to be very focused on what we want to do next.

            We could:

            1. continue digging the same niche. Same app, with more features to raise value (e.g. propose not only “passive” notifications, but allow some actions). This is gonna be a never ending stream of ideas anyway.
            2. expand to other niches, by adding more payment providers (e.g. gumroad, paypal, braintree, fastspring, etc.). Probably the most complicated and time-consuming path.
            3. expand to more platforms: publish in the Mac App Store, build a windows version. Probably one of the easiest way to radically increase our reach.

            Goal of the coming months will be to transition from one-shot payments (lifetime license) to recurring payments. There are multiple options for that (could be some paid upgrades, or yearly subscriptions to get updates — cf. sketchapp.com), but we’re very keen to try to provide additional services on top of the app itself (e.g. a “Pro” subscription to get access to metrics, reports, etc.).

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              Gonna start working with the client I mentioned last time around.

              Still looking for more work apart from that. Not sure where to find it. So far my strategy has been to let several people in my communities know that I’m looking, and then see what comes back.

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                I really liked this podcast for that: https://www.indiehackers.com/podcast/014-brennan-dunn-of-double-your-freelancing. All about how to apply the marketing you might learn for startups to your own consulting and build a pipeline.