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Hello Everyone πŸ™Œ,

We send out newsletters every now and then, it is just after I press the send button, I recollect something I should have done before pushing the newsletter. This happens to me often and sometimes it is very frustrating to miss out trivial hygiene stuff. In order to avoid these trivial mistakes which may cost us our subscribers, we have created a detailed checklist (https://mailswift.io/email-newsletter-checklist/) of items to be taken care of before sending out a newsletter.

We primarily created this for ourselves but we hope that it will be useful for anyone sending out newsletters. Please do let me know if I have missed out anything or any other feedback/suggestions you might have πŸ™.


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    It’s not quite on-topic, but I noticed you use β€˜we’ when talking about MailSwift. How many people are you? Are you interested in talking about your team at all?

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      Thanks for the feedback @alynpost. Can you please let me know which of the checklist items did you feel are not on-topic. It will help us make the checklist better.

      BTW, We are a team of 4 folks.