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    Hey, thanks for sharing this! I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.

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      I’ve only read the first part in the series, so forgive me if this is answered in another post — how do you go about finding mastermind groups? It feels awkward to go looking for them (do I google “mastermind groups near me”?) and then asking to join. I guess I could round up some friends to start a new group, but it would be better I think to get fresh perspectives from new people and not my old friends.

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        I found the best way was meeting people in real life at conferences such as MicroConf and groups naturally formed after the evening sessions.

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      Great post. I’m actually in the process of setting something like this up to talk with other freelancers, share knowledge, talk about common pains, and find ways to help each other out. Just being able to talk through a problem with another person in a similar situation has done wonders for me.

      I think it will be a much looser group so not sure if I’d call it a master-mind group, but I’ll try to put a lot of emphasis on sharing know-how and experiences and trying to solve problems together.