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By taking on an apprenticeship, you get the opportunity to ‘train at altitude’, while also being paid. Instead of learning entrepreneurship on your own dime, you get your foot in the door at a fast-moving startup or online businesses where you have more resources and opportunities.

Author and angel investor Tim Ferriss put it this way:

“If you optimize for money too early, you will be minimizing for learning, almost without exception,” he said.

“So look at the first few years out as an apprenticeship where you cover your costs,” he said. “And if you’re looking in business, I would say, be in the room as much as possible to observe the decision-makers and dealmakers.”

Put simply, an apprenticeship is a paid job that prioritizes your learning and long-term career trajectory by working with established entrepreneurs to develop a valuable skill set and business relationships.

Interested in getting an apprenticeship to learn how to run an online business?