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For those of you selling Things™ online, how do you get paid? Where’s your money going through?

There are tens of way to get paid online. Here’s a list of the main ones I know about:

  • Braintree
  • Gumroad
  • Paypal
  • Square
  • Stripe, or anything ultimately pushing money to a Stripe account (Recurly, Moonclerk, Chargify, Memberful, BigCommerce, Shopify, Squarespace, Big Cartel, Stitch, Harvest, Freshbooks, Plasso, Weebly, etc.)
  • Direct payment to your account, like bank transfers (ACH/SEPA), cash, checks.

TL;DR: Which payment processor do you use?

(I set up a twitter survey, but it’s gonna close soon. Still, if you can weigh in: https://twitter.com/supacruz/status/808168821643055104)


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    I would assume that the answers are entirely based on the people who look at your tweets and the environments into which you post things like this. Perhaps understanding what you’re hoping to learn would be useful?

    I use Stripe but I’m using Braintree on something that’s launching soon. I didn’t have any trouble with Stripe but I want to understand how often people choose Paypal for SAAS products. I hear non-US residents often prefer it.

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      You’re right, context of respondents totally matters. I’m mostly focusing on bootstrappers, freelancers, solopreneurs, small teams. Anyone billing online but Big Corps. That’s why I’ve asked Barnacl.es and some Slack communities aimed for bootstrappers.

      Why? I’m wondering if a payment notifications app would be useful to such people. Plug whatever payment solution you’re using, be it paypal, stripe, gumroad, etc. and make sure you’re notified whenever you sell your ebook / course / app / etc. Knowing this means you can be happy / send a thank you note / check your bank balance. Also be notified when there’s failed payment, so you can act fast.

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      I just launched a book (https://hungryadmin.com/writing-and-launching-my-first-book.html) and I’m using Gumroad for that since it’s easier to distribute it as an actual product and get paid. For my previous project (https://hungryadmin.com/a-failed-projects-postmortem.html) I was using Stripe since it integrated directly into the site.

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        I use Gumroad. It is easy to use. They also pay quickly with a relatively small processing fee.

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          Did you do anything specific that was helpful in building your audience on Gumroad past what they suggest? I just launched a product there and I need to work on getting some traction.

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            Here’s the process that seemed to work best for me:

            1. Look for discussions online about some aspect of the problem that I wrote about in my book.
            2. Provide some relevant information and then point them to a piece of relevant free content that I wrote
            3. Mention that I wrote a book about the topic

            I just launched my second book on Kindle and the purchases are starting to (slowly) trickle in without any effort on my part.

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              How does Gumroad let you know you got new sales? Does it send you some notifications? Broadly speaking, what’s the most frustrating thing you have with Gumroad?

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                Gumroad emails me each time someone buys a product. Kindle doesn’t tell me anything unless I visit my dashboard.

                I can’t think of any frustrations with Gumroad. Being able to integrate the buying process into my own website was very easy.

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          pin.net.au is pretty nice for outside the US (at least for Australia!)

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            I used GetDPD -> Stripe for an ebook earlier this year, and plan to use Stripe subscriptions + ACH next year. At a consultancy 5 years, we always used Stripe unless the client had another processor in place - or, in two cases, was another processor (Braintree and 2checkout).

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              Fastspring. I live in EU and it takes care of the VAT according to the new stupid law for online products.