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    Hi! We’ve recently released our natural language processing and web data extraction API.

    We have a lot of advantages that make us really unique and different from our competitors:

    • Summarization feature. Our summarization and multi-language (100+ languages) algorithm can extract and structure the most important information from text, images and even audio files.

    • News Sentiment Analysis. Our sentiment analysis models are specially trained and optimized for the effective analysis of news articles, while most of our competitors are focused on the analysis of user reviews. Sentiment analysis method supports English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian languages.

    • Set of web scraping tools. Using our services, you can not only analyze your custom dataset, but also collect your own collection from unstructured sources: extract clean article text and other data from news articles, extract lists of reviews/comments from forums and etc.

    • Image processing. In addition to analyzing the texts, we also offer image recognition and face detection functions. If you plan to expand your document analysis system with image processing capabilities, you don’t need to find another service provider, as we have both of these components (text analysis & image processing).