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Almost all of us are familiar with the challenges of keeping our email lists clean. Keeping your lists clean not only helps maintain your sender reputation but also decreases unnecessary costs and frustrations.

However, though not complex, it is extremely tedious and time consuming to keep an email list clean. Especially if you have a growing subscriber base and the tools you use do not have required checks in place.

We were also in such a situation with our mailing lists and that is when we built a list cleaner that is useful yet simple while respecting privacy by design.

Our list cleaner works right in your browser, ensuring that your subscriber data does not leave your computer. You can also save your original list with detailed diagnostic style comments. Check it out (https://mailswift.io/list-cleaner/)

🙋‍ What it does 1. Weeds out duplicates 2. Removes all emails with invalid TLDs (There are 1543 Known TLDs) 3. Detects high risk domains (We currently track 3753 High Risk Domains) 4. Filters emails with bad syntax

🙅‍ What it does not do 1. Deliverability Check 2. Detect Catch all 3. Detect spam traps/honey pots etc.

💁‍ What more should I know ? 1. It is a free tool 2. The tool comes with complete data security 3. The tool is GDPR/Privacy laws compliant by design

Please let us know your thoughts/feedback 🙏.