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Every website owner wants to get good results in any analytics tools available.

While most if not all websites rely on Google Analytics to get real-time analysis of their site, there are other tools to consider too. Those tools can be used to get a glimpse of websites popularity on the web, as well as their rank compared to competitors.

One of which is Alexa, which boasts a single metric that provides a quick summary of a site’s popularity, relative to all other websites on the web.

To help webmasters, Alexa gave some advice to help them rank better.

However, webmasters should not agonize over their Alexa Rank and work tirelessly to improve it.

Here, Alexa is better be used only for comparison purposes, and as a complementary tool to strengthen a site’s SEO strategy. It shouldn’t be used as the primary tool for monitoring traffic since results can be relative and inaccurate.

This is especially true for sites with Alexa Rank higher than 100,000.