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One of the most amazing things about building a business online is in the amount of scalability available. With email marketing automation and services such as Zapier, the only limit to the amount of processes that can be automated is your own creativity.

However, few businesses take full advantage of the possibilities. Poor process systemization is a fundamental error that results in founders becoming trapped in redundant tasks, unable to see the bigger picture, and unable to scale effectively. This often results in the founder seeking to hire an apprentice or new employee to help share the load. But then, the lack of processes that originally got them into the problem rears its head again during onboarding.

Juggling all existing processes that have not yet been documented, while also trying to manage a new person on the payroll, can be a nightmare. I’ve written this guide to help you avoid that mess, while also priming your business to become a well-oiled, easily scalable machine for when you do bring someone new onto your team.

So how do you make sure everything is in place when you onboard a new employee? How can you make sure your business will run smoothly at scale?