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You know that our developers work hard to improve your product, making it competitive and captivating for you and your potential users. And, as you can understand, for the development process programmers always use many auxiliary tools. The main goal of these tools is to develop software faster and save a client’s budget, what’s more important. And we would be glad to inform our customers that the range of the tools we use in our activity is enriched by AWS Lambda - a new cloud service from Amazon. We structured the benefits of this tool and analyzed its shortcomings. Enjoy the article! Amazon Lambda architecture AWS Lambda framework runs a programming code with response to specific events and then controls automatically computing resources necessary for its implementation. This service allows users to run their code without managing or provisioning servers.

See how BaaS can accelerate your development process. Read BaaS solutions: cloud backend as your best tool in the app development Our developers use AWS Lambda as an extension of other AWS tools functionality using distinct code or development of own web services that implement AWS scalability and performance. This tool can automatically run programming code synchronically with the objects changing in Amazon S3 or table update in Amazon DynamoDB. Lambda runs code in a high-performance computing environment and it goes in for administrative support of all resources including operating systems and maintenance of servers. Also, it controls such features as automatic scaling, software installation, vulnerabilities fixing as well as code monitoring and logs. So the only thing developers need is a programming code. Just ponder on how much money and time this tool can save!