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Oftentimes the biggest hurdle to starting a business is the getting started part. How do you find an idea? How do you incorporate? How do you find the early-adopter customers? These sorts of problems are vastly different from the “growth” stage where you have to deal with hiring employees, cash flow and runway, customer support, etc etc. I think it would be good to at least have a “starting” tag to classify articles that deal strictly with the early stages of starting a business.


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    I support this proposal. Having a tag specifically for people looking for info on getting started would be, I think, very useful. I know I would have appreciated it when I was first starting out. (And probably still will!)

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      Agreed. I suspect a lot of people here (myself included) are aspiring bootstrappers rather than people whose product already has traction.

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        Heh, this is very coincidentally timed. I just opened barnicles to see what posts I could find about starting a new side business. I’ve finished the most important step, buying the domain name, and am now looking for advice for where to actually start.

        I would fully support a tag for this. Even if those starting aren’t the majority of current users it would be a great resource for any newcomers down the line.

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          Additionally, those who are current bootstrappers can pass on their knowledge to beginners

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          Can you list some articles that you think this tag would be perfect for?