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Selling a desktop app without being on a store is possible but what do you do to check user licenses?

I would use a user certificate to check against the product public key but I am not interested in volume licensing, I would guess that without a license server this isn’t possible.


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    Not sure the best advice for this, but it sounds like premature optimization. Build the simplest thing that works, prove that there actually is a market before you worry about fancy licensing schemes. In general it’s my opinion that the people who pirate software are NOT the same group of people that would buy your software in the first place. You need to build a product for the later group, not the former.

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      I didn’t consider this as a problem for my business, I don’t even have a desktop app I would like to sell. I got inspired by this and saw that one of the outages was due to a licensing server being down. I guess he decided to not enforce license check but sometimes you need it and I was wondering what could I use. Maybe it’s another SAAS project I can think of.