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Linda Marroquin posted this factsheet to the long-dormant FrogPad mailing list along with the following ask:

We need help in website development, additional input onto the attached document, social media / newsletter management, firmware development, (which I think will be accomplished by Rice University) and much much more. Simbex (https://simbex.com/) has graciously worked with us to get this far. Yet we must go further in the next 2 months. To have something in production by December 31st, we need the attached documents completed and we need funding. Simbex has offered to work with us on finding the funding that we require.

I ask of you the following. Please review the attached documents, see if there is any section of this document that you would like to work on,please go ahead and edit it and forward to me at L@FrogPad.com.

This announcement is interesting because FrogPad has bootstrapped a product, and here is trying to do so again. The linked document is interesting both because it outlines the challenges FrogPad faces while also being a template one could use to answer the same questions about other, non-FrogPad product manufacturing.