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    Passing the torch meta

Hey folks,

Barnacles needs more love than I can give it. It hasn’t formed a stable community, though we’ve had many wonderful discussions over the last two and a half years. I’m making new personal commitments and can’t invest the time and energy Barnacles needs if it’s going to grow to the point that it’s self-sustaining, with new links and active discussion every day, even though it feels like we’re close. My community attention all goes into running Lobsters, and Barnacles conflicts with one of those new personal commitments.

If you’d be interested in running Barnacles, I’m ready to pass it off. Hosting is a couple bucks a month on Heroku, or you can move to anything you’d like. Most of the moderation duty is dealing with spam; I’ve been thinking for a month or so I should turn off open signups and turn on the invite request queue.

Please contact me in comments or by email if you’d like to take over. Tell me if you have experience with Rails and what you’d like to do with the site. I’ll do what I can to make as seamless a transition as possible.


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    Great that you and the community got it this far. Good luck on finding a new maintainer. I was planning on trying at some point in far future to collect Best of Barnacles in each category wrapped up in a zip or something for bootstrappers. I bet you have better ideas than me on what would go into that. Please save the database of submitted articles and tags if you have to shut it down. Worst case, site could get frozen in time where nothing new is added but existing links work and/or folks can send messages. Might still generate leads for folks that contributed to it.

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      What’s the workload?

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        What a good timing. I just refound Barnacl.es after months of guessing which community had this great collection of articles for bootstrapers and indiehackers. I think this community is valuable and needed and would like to volunteer as well. The idea of an committee (as proposed by @mindcrime) sounds good, I would even be willing to lead it.

        I know it’s hard to trust someone who just signed up, but here are my ideas of an ideal community that I recently summarized on Indiehackers: https://www.indiehackers.com/forum/how-to-create-a-warm-and-friendly-community-like-ih-913dfdeffa?commentId=-LOnGbAcLnfrKTNqZzcr

        I would try to shape this community in this spirit and think it has great potential. I would love to do a survey among all members about what they like about Barnacl.es and derive what the priorities will be for the next steps.

        I have little experience in Ruby, but have worked in Python and PHP for many years and should be able to get Ruby pretty quickly.

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          I think I would like to do this, if only just to keep it running. I’ve been mostly (only) lurking, but this space is sorely needed. Can you give me an idea of the repeating tasks you do related to maintaining this, and how much the monthly cost is?


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            I wish I could do it, but I have too many commitments to commit to something like this full-time as well. That said, if a group of people wanted to do something “by committee” I’d be happy to volunteer to help to some extent.

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              Hello, this might be my first post here. I think this is a valuable, underserved and important subset of the startup ecosystem. The one thing I dont have is time to read long threads; often that’s were the value is hidden in forums. I think a rating algorithm should score up brevity. Please dont let this die!