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Would disabling open sign-up hurt this site at this point? An invitation-based system seems to work well for lobsters, and I was actually suprised to see open sign-up is possible here.

Perhaps I got the wrong impression but it seems this story is spam that could be avoided with an invitation-based sign-up system: https://barnacl.es/s/gz9gfj/increase_customers_word_mouth_revenue

Also it looks like the idea has been toyed with for one year: https://barnacl.es/s/mwulnx/encouraging_comments/comments/kuodg5#c_kuodg5


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    I agree that story is spam and deleted it, as well as the zero-content post this morning by the same user. I have scolded the user, suggested they look at /top for ideas of what to submit, and will ban them if they persist in submitting garbage.

    I don’t yet see the need for closing signups. I was really overly optimistic about growth for barnacles a year ago. When I start having to kill junk stories on a daily basis or spambots start submitting dozens of stories/comments, I’ll want to revert Barnacles to the Lobsters invite system. Until then, the ease of signup from good users seems worth it.

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      Eh, yeah I see the point of it but we’ve only just got to the size where there’s enough people around to actually upvote most links above “1” :(.