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Honest, tell me what you think.

What could be better?


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    I love simple sites that focus on doing one thing really well. So great job on that.

    There’s not quite enough trust factor here. If you’re new this is tough, but try adding examples, testimonials, more information about how the service works, and what makes you qualified to do this (your experience, etc.). If you’re a one man shop, don’t be afraid to tell them that. It means they get the same “consistent quality and attention to detail with every order.”

    People generally prefer forms to email addresses. Make it as easy on them as possible. The form doesn’t have to be complicated, but I think you’ll get more responses with it.

    I’ve never used translation services, but the thing that stuck out to me about yours was that you can match their formatting. Give more details and real world examples about that. If this means they spend less time and money trying to get the translated text loaded onto their website/documents/whatever than show how much of a value add that is.

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      Thank you, you’re right I should put up some examples, even if they’re made up (I mean the translation will be real of course).

      Also, is the “text -> texto” pun understandable?

      I mean I see it because I speak spanish, but as an english native, did you perceived the (lame, maybe) pun, or did you though it was maybe a typo.

      And finally, how I’m trying to differentiate from other services is by offering an API, the idea is that you buy credits in bulk (and get a cheaper rate) and then you could set up everything to automatically get it translated, I think this could be really useful for bilingual blogs or other recurrent publications that need to be translated to spanish.

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        Also, is the “text -> texto” pun understandable?

        I don’t speak Spanish and I didn’t get it at first. I assumed it was just some cute spelling of ‘text’ and that this would be some way to send cutesy messages to friends or something. I was assuming a ‘texto’ was going to be like a post card or something and you’d send an SMS to your service which would then send my message as a ‘texto’.

        Not saying you need to change the message or anything, but I’d make an obvious ‘{english text} –> {Spanish text}’ graphic be the most visible thing at the top of your page. And maybe make the word “translate” also be attention grabbing.