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Hey folks,

Today and tomorrow I’m migrating Barnacl.es to NIRDHOST. The site has some config and deps that are painful on Heroku (mainly Sphinx for text search). This also significantly lowers my hosting cost, so I can keep running Barnacl.es as an independent community free of advertising.

Downtime tomorrow should be under an hour: I’ll take the site down, snapshot the database, restore it on the new server while DNS changes over, and then bring us back up. No posts, comments, or votes should be lost.

I’ll update this post when we’ve moved. Please do leave comments or email me (peter@ this domain) if you see anything break along the way.

Thanks for your patience.

2017-01-30 15:40 (CST): We’re back up and everything looks good. High fives all around.


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    Good luck with the migration!

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      This comment has the unique magic words squeamish ossifrage so I can check that the search index is updating since the move. (magic words)

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        I think Gypaetus barbatus also works.

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        I think I might have found an issue.

        I was getting a generic nginx successfully installed page when trying to visiting this site. I think its because I wasn’t specifying HTTPS and this is a new phone, so no hsts. I can’t verify that’s exactly what happened because hsts (I assume). Just fyi.

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          Had to have my phone replaced yet again, and the same thing happened again.

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            Looking into it with the new host. I can definitely see it by running curl http://barnacl.es or curl http://www.barnacl.es when both should 301 redirect to https://barnacl.es.