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Tell us what your goals were, how you went in achieving them and what your goals are for next month!


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    My goal for NicheTester was to get an end-to-end MVP going, even if it wasn’t quite polished enough to release. I made really really good progress in the first few weeks, but then end of financial year in Australia at work, a week-long holiday in Vanuatu and participating in Random Hacks of Kindness sucked basically all the time I had away.

    These are pretty first-world productivity problems though - Vanuatu is lovely and RHoK went great - my team’s project to create online child development testing is about to go into pilot in Australia and soon Dubai and maybe Indonesia, and a bunch of other teams are continuing to work on their projects.

    So my goal for June is now gonna be my goal for July - MVP. I’ve still got quite a bit of RHoK stuff to do, but hopefully I’ll be able to get some more spare time and finish it off.

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      The HIDIOT is like a baby arduino you build yourself. It comes in a credit card sized form factor and is programmable via the Arduino IDE. We launched the Kickstarter earlier this year, and iterated through a bunch of prototypes before finally getting to 1.0.

      There were a load of bumps along the way. As it’s pitched entirely at beginners, we needed to make some design choices that could affect expandability for people who don’t know how to deal with it, there were problems with part supplies and we had some last minute drama with our PCB fab not delivering on time (and not telling us that delivery wasn’t going to happen when they’d promised), but we managed to sort it out and ship in June like we’d said we would.

      We’re hoping to open up a shopify store next week and start taking orders for the finished product. July’s goals are to go from Kickstarter shipping to a business as usual process with an actual product.

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        Some of our backer pledge levels include HIDIOT workshops. We’re going to schedule those once we’ve made sure that enough people have received workshops

        I think that’s supposed to read “have received HIDIOTs” ?

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        I think this is the previous thread, but I’m not sure. (And thanks again, Alex, for creating this thread.)

        I’m consulting full-time now, not much to say besides that I’m delivering and prospecting for new clients, which is probably going to be the constant reality of this business.

        I’m considering dusting off a previous project. I created a Rails gem to support hardware two-factor authentication about two and a half years ago when the open U2F standard was announced, but it was quickly clear that the market wasn’t there. Even the folks who’d heard of 2FA hadn’t heard of it, didn’t know why it was better than SMS, etc. I didn’t have the time and energy to try to educate the market, so I put the project on hold. This spring, a couple people have spontaneously reached out to ask if the gem will be updated for Rails 5. Looking back, there’s been a steady flow of stories on YC News about SMS 2FA getting hacked. I have the spare time, so I’m going to prospectively update the gem for Rails 5.0 and 5.1 and get self-serve license sales in place. If users are ready to start buying, this would be a great business to run. I think the updates will take me the rest of the month of July.