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    Key points:

    “All of the not-so-sexy tasks I was focusing on — actually engaging customers, implementing feedback and building a library of educational content — were building momentum.”

    “However, our experience has shown these numbers take care of themselves when we consistently put the customer first. ”

    Same as my company. Although they employ many tricks, the customers say the main thing that keeps them coming back is (a) having what they need and (b) great service. We have many competitors, including cheaper ones, that they ignore for our level of service.

    One of my default ideas for bootstrapped offerings is to clone a product at a company with shit service and marketing, make some minor changes (esp fix complaints), and offer it as something new with great marketing and service. I don’t know what the success rate will be but I’m guessing higher than random ideas. Actually, there’s a product company that does this successfully on Amazon for all sorts of things just making minor variations based on customer suggestions or complaints in comment sections. I’ll try to dig it up if anyone is interested.