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    Consistency is boring. business okdork.com

To truly accomplish major things, it takes a long time and consistency is the answer to make that a reality.


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    Did I miss something with this post?

    It seems to be a pretty badly written piece based around the quote above that then instantly jumps to referral links.

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      I quoted the best part in the description above. I think it’s a valuable take-away, especially for bootstrappers, which is why I shared it here.

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        No. I think you have to be a Noah Kagan fan to understand this. It makes a little more sense when you receive it as an email from him and you have been on his list for awhile.

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        Welp, I feel pretty tricked by that email signup form. Dark pattern.

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          The author runs SumoMe, the tool which powers many of these email signups across the web. So no surprise it’s there.