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There’s a lot of “how much money charge for your SaaS” articles in the internet but i’m missing the the real thing, I follow up with some questions so you know what I mean, hope someone can help me here.

  • Do I need to form a company to be able to charge (to register for braintree payments, stripe, authorize.com, etc)?
  • Can I just use PayPal to validate my MVP? Money limits?
  • Do I need to register a Pte. Ltd in Singapore?

Sadly Bitcoin is not an option. I just want the easiest and cheapest way to start charging (if possible).

PD: I don’t know if this is important, but i’m an expat currently living in Germany, I dont have much idea of how the VAT works, should I worry now?



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    Disclaimer: IANAL Or An Accountant. Also I have no idea about Germany or Singapore, buuuut…

    In general you should be able to take payments through Paypal or Stripe without a company or a merchant account. The way that VAT (GST) works in Australia is that there’s a threshold of $75k below which you don’t have to collect any, but you’ll have to check your own laws.

    Not properly registering a business is until you know you’ve got something viable is pretty normal in general - the guy behind Sidekiq didn’t do it until he was earning more than a full time wage off. The problem is that it’s usually pretty tax inefficient.

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      Do you need a company?

      Yes you definitely do. Apart from a company, braintree also wants to see utility bills before they hand you out any payment gateway. I would stay go for something like paddle.com

      Can I just use PayPal to validate my MVP?

      Yes you can, in fact, you should. You have a $2500~ limit on PayPal that should be more than enough. If you earn something more than $200 / month I would go for a company.

      Do I need to register a Pte. Ltd. in Singapore?

      You’re an expat and a perfect candidate for e-residency of Estonia. I would recommend the services of LeapIn (https://www.leapin.eu/) for creating the company and accountant stuff.

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        Thank you all for the feedback! I’m starting with paypal :)