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… with the intent of sparking discussion around their business strategy?

I found this to be a very (the most?) valuable feature that HN had. I learned a lot from there but nowadays it became very political and hivemindish, and everything goes as long as it fills the agenda of YC (which I don’t agree with because I think VC is a dishonest game).

I’d love to find a forum where I could discuss with other members what they think aroudn tech news like “X just got funding” “X was just put up for sale”, etc… but I don’t know if that’s cool in here.

Best, Al


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    Yes. There’s no “you only ever get posted once” rule like Product Hunt. (There is a 30-day resubmission block, but I’d manually waive that if circumstances warrant.)

    I very much want this site to be about that kind of thoughtful conversation and advice more than submitting interesting links.