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Most of the spam I’ve deleted in the last few weeks and all of the marginal articles I’ve waffled on deleting have been content marketing from consultancies writing very thinly veiled sales pages about “How/Why to do [some service we offer] when you’re a [some business niche]”.

Accordingly, these are now all considered spam when submitted by the author or consultancy. Please flag them as spam and I’ll delete them. If I see many of these I’ll ban the user and/or site. I’m adding this rule to the story submission guidelines on the new story page.

In the very rare case where these are worthwhile, other users can choose to submit them - but if I think consultancies are setting up sockpuppets or prevailing on friends to submit bad articles, I’ll widen this to any article related to a service offered by a consultancy, regardless of who submitted it.



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    I’ve blocked the worst offenders that keep resubmitting their sites. This is really boring spam and I don’t plan to announce future site bans, so watch SPAM_DOMAINS in the code if you want to see as new sites are listed.