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On Monday morning I’m going to submit the Welcome post to Y Combinator News in the hopes of reaching the underserved bootstrappers there. If you have an account there and see the story, please upvote it. If you don’t see it, submit the URL yourself - the site ignores upvotes from people who were linked directly to an article.

For easy copy & paste: https://www.barnacl.es/s/8skxre/welcome_to_barnacles

For putting our best foot forward, here’s my punch list:

  • Favicon ✓
  • Descriptions for every tag ✓
  • Email setup ✓
  • Search engine setup ✓
  • Better colors on “B” activity icon in header ✓
  • redirect www.barnacl.es to barnacl.es to avoid double-login annoyances ✓
  • Tear down this wall - turn off or auto-approve invites for a week ✓

If you can think of any must-haves before then, post below.


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    If you just got logged out, I’m sorry for the annoyance. You were on www.barnacl.es and I fixed the canonicalization to barnacl.es - you need a new login cooke for the new domain. This problem shouldn’t recur.

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      Described all the tags. I’d appreciate kibitzing on these descriptions, which appear when tagging stories. I hope they help submitters pick the right set, but they are not intended to be a comprehensive taxonomy.

      • ask Ask Barnacles
      • business Other business topics
      • consulting Consulting
      • culture Business communities and culture
      • desktop Desktop apps and development
      • email Lists, sequences, lifecycles, segmentation
      • event Planned events, conferences
      • goods Physical goods
      • historical Historical interest
      • humor Jokes, satire, parody
      • law Government, legal, taxes
      • management Management, employees, and outsourcing
      • marketing Marketing techniques and stories
      • meta Barnacles bikeshedding
      • mobile Mobile apps and platforms
      • news Temporal happenings
      • person About a particular person or persons
      • pricing Pricing strategy
      • product Non-digital goods
      • programming Software development and maintenance
      • rant Rants and raves
      • revenue Income
      • saas Software as a service
      • sales Sales techniques and stories
      • service Services
      • show Show Barnacles a project
      • web Websites and networking
      • audio Link to a audio (podcast, interview)
      • book Books and reviews
      • pdf Link to a PDF document
      • slides Link to slides
      • transcript Transcription of audio/video
      • video Link to a video
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        I’m unsure of the distinction between these:

        • goods Physical goods
        • product Non-digital goods
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          I was trying to get at the difference between selling stuff and the particular hassles that come with physical inventory. Looking back, that sure doesn’t show through at all. Any suggestions?

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        OK, I’ve kludged in open signups and the search engine’s working, so that’s the last of my known tasks. We’ve got a day to kick up any bugs before the promo push.