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Hello Barnacles 🙌,

More often than not, we subscribe to an email service provider and never stop to check how the costs are growing as our subscriber base grows. Email costs vary widely across service providers and gets complex with all the slabs and tiering thrown into the mix.

We heard this same story from a lot of small business owners and marketers at MailSwift and that’s why we built a simple yet comprehensive tool that allows you to compare costs involved in sending emails to a growing subscriber base.

All you have to do is simply choose the number of subscribers you have, frequency at which you send emails, at what rate your subscribers are growing and the tool will show you how much it costs across different service providers and many related useful metrics. The tool also helps you calculate your email marketing expenses over a period of 12 months which should help you in budgeting and making informed decisions.

We hope you find it useful 🙏. Please do let us know your thoughts/feedback


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    Years ago now I suffered significant delivery failure for an event such that attendance was impacted. That was the last straw for me to self-host email. From time to time I do have a chance to talk to folk that use third-party transactional mail providers. From your perspective, do customers use mailswift.io because of delivery problems, your user interface, campaign tracking, or some other reason?

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      One of the reasons why marketers fail to leverage advanced API systems like Amazon SES for sending out emails is due to the heavy programming efforts associated with on-boarding/maintenance. The cost savings are so huge by Amazon SES, that there is a clear need we felt was under served. So, MailSwift is primarily built to help folks get up and running with advanced API systems like Amazon SES (which has good deliverability) with zero coding and maintenance efforts while saving a fortune on the prices

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        I should have looked at your website before asking my question. I hadn’t realized MailSwift was a desktop application using a third-party mail service as your delivery platform. Do you think Amazon will come eat your lunch one day or have you found a niche they’re not interested in?

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          Our product is built with the principle of providing the ability to marketers to use advanced APIs like Amazon SES which are highly cost efficient and have good deliverability rates. Since AWS is highly focused on being an infrastructure, the likeliness of Amazon focusing on this niche is a bit less

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          Totally agreed. I’ve had similar experiences.