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I now have over 15,000 people on my mailing list and have made about $100k total from products. I still make about $1k/month in sales of my book and video training completely on auto-pilot. Super interested if there are other people here doing similar kinds of things.


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    Don’t do customer interviews. I used to do these, but people lie (usually to be nice).

    The Mom Test is an excellent book on this topic and how to avoid it.

    This was a great overview, thanks.

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      If you start with people, invest time in understanding the daily aches and pains of their lives, and you actually create a decent product to solve those problems, you will make money. It’s almost guaranteed.

      Yessss. User empathy is the key.

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        Great blog post!

        I’m great at building email lists, but not so great on the product sales side of things. I’ve made nearly all my money on Adsense, and have shied away from direct sales. Your post is inspiring.

        Thank you!

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          My email list is only at about 200 and hasn’t made me any money (yet), but this article is super educational, thanks.

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            This is the kind of post that makes me hungry to grow my list.