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After some other projects launched in the past months (a payment app for Slack and a Slack community for travelers), I continue experimenting. I’m now trying a desktop app.

It’s called CashNotify, and is kind of a follow-up on a question I asked Barnacles about. It’s a small app which sends (native) notifications when you get new payments in your Stripe account.


As a product creator selling things through Stripe, I’m quite interested to get immediate notifications of what happens in my account, especially for important events like payment failed (“wut? let’s get this money!”) or bank transfer (“yay! money in MY pocket!”). Note that this last example is not yet implemented, but it will be, as other important events (like the DREADFUL dispute created 😱).

Also, if there’s enough interest, the goal is to plug payment solutions other than Stripe. Like maybe Gumroad, Baremetrics, etc.

I have a tendency to spend too much time on the tech side of things. So for this project, I’m trying to spend more time on users and marketing than on tech things.

For those interested, I’ve used Electron, which means I could probably adapt the app to work on Windows / Linux later on (it’s built only for macOS for now). This will also let me publish it on the Mac App Store, which I’m super interested to test as a maker.

As I want to sell it outside of the App Store, I also need to manage payments, and maybe trial. I’ve found paddle.com which seems to be a nice and not too expensive solution. I didn’t work on it yet, so can’t testify how easy it is to implement. Does anyone has some experience with it?

SO. The app is in beta. It’s working great, and I just want to make sure everything’s fine before launching it.

I need Barnacles to help me:

  • testing the app. Comment below and I’ll send you a download link.
  • giving me feedbacks about the website: https://cashnotify.com

If you don’t have time to test, but think you could be interested, you should still subscribe on cashnotify.com to get a discount when the app will launch.



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    Count me in for testing it - you can find my email in my profile. Also, have you looked at using Gumroad for selling? I haven’t used it personally but I’ve heard good things :)

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      I’ve sent you the download link by private message. Not sure about Gumroad, that’d mean I’d have to implement my own license system, which is probably not a topic I should spend any time on. Paddle handles all that (license, payment) for you. The only thing I’m not sure about is their trial feature. I’d like to offer a trial, and let people buy after testing. But it seems the trial feature only works with their Mac SDK, which requires an obj-c app, and not in their javascript sdk (which I intended to use). I’ll see.

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        I just saw something about a licensing SaaS called keygen.sh - might be worth checking out. Anyways, good luck!

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          Nice, I’ll check that out. Thanks!