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Radio app development is a wonderful opportunity to create something pleasant for users and get a source of income at the same time. That’s what Pandora radio owners did: they have developed a service that has been pleasing all devotees of music for many years. The main Pandora’s competitive edge is that the system independently compiles a unique radio station for every user, focusing on approving or disapproving ratings of a particular track.

Obviously, Pandora owners offered a really great solution, and now they are taking the plums. More than a million songs, hundreds of thousands of different artists and albums, a chance to create up a lot of your own radio stations - that’s what makes this service the best of the best. Wanna know more about how to build a radio app? Well, we are happy to share our expertise with you.

After reading the article, you will learn not only how and why Pandora has reached so high popularity - you’ll also know how to follow this lead. Besides, we’re going to tell you in detail about our own experience regarding radio app development.