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ask Ask Barnacles   (hotness mod +0.25) 69
audio Link to a audio (podcast, interview) 27
book Books and reviews 11
business Other business topics 354
consulting Consulting 56
culture Business communities and culture   (hotness mod -0.5) 52
desktop Desktop apps and development 6
email Lists, sequences, lifecycles, segmentation 46
event Planned events, conferences 8
goods Physical goods 12
historical Historical interest 9
humor Jokes, satire, parody   (hotness mod -0.25) 5
law Government, legal, taxes 7
management Management, employees, and outsourcing 52
marketing Marketing techniques and stories 377
meta Barnacles bikeshedding   (hotness mod -0.25) 19
mobile Mobile apps and platforms 24
news Temporal happenings   (hotness mod -0.25) 6
pdf Link to a PDF document 6
person About a particular person or persons 45
pricing Pricing strategy 52
product Products 113
programming Software development and maintenance 55
rant Rants and raves   (hotness mod -0.5) 1
revenue Income 22
saas Software as a service 162
sales Sales techniques and stories 63
service Services 22
show Show Barnacles a project   (hotness mod +0.5) 45
slides Link to slides 8
transcript Transcription of audio/video 17
video Link to a video 19
web Websites and networking 65